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Operation RIPCORD.
April 28-30, 2006.
Greetings and Welcome to The Airsoft Reenactors Groups Operation Ripcord. The time has come again for our annual Vietnam reenactment themed Airsoft battle weekend. Keeping in tradition with our past Vietnam themed battles we offer a historical reenactment venue to Airsoft gaming. With pride and honor A/S-R.G. members provide a weekend of battle that is retrospective to actual events, giving participants an appreciation and respect for the battles history and those who were there. It has been a great honor hosting our Vietnam themed battles for the Arisoft community over the years past and as always Op RIPCORD will be attended by the highest quality of dedicated Airsoft players (including Vietnam Veterans),  participants with authentic and accurate character impressions, an outstanding battlefield, military vehicles, base camps, props, effects, and more..
A Breif History of the Battle for FSB RIPCORD.
East of the A Shau Valley,  FSB Ripcord's efforts routinely disrupted NVA supply and reinforcement routes down the Ho Chi Minh Trail. From March 12th to July 23rd 1970 the NVA attacked Ripcord. For over four months the 101st abn held their ground.. The NVA units brought eight infantry battalions, four artillery battalions, four 120mm mortar companies, one anti-aircraft battalion, and one sapper battalion to bear in the seige against Ripcord. NVA RPG, mortar, recoilless rifle, and small arms fire from well prepared and fortified fighting positions were met by Ripcords supporting 105mm, 155mm artillery, mortar crews, infantry units, huey gunships, Cobra attack helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft strikes. Both The US and Vietnamese Armies fought their objectives valiantly against great odds for their countries, units, buddies, and for their survival.
Requirements For Op Ripcord Attendees.
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Operation RIPCORD will see no exception to the Standard Operating Procedures of past Airsoft Reenactors Group Vietnam Battles. Strict character and uniform impression requirements will be enforced. Operation Ripcord is planned as a more advanced reenactment themed battle this year, attendees will be expected to stay in character though the duration of the weekend, follow orders and perform their assigned duties. It is our mission to push the realisim and experience further than we have before. Attendees are expected to do their characters part from digging fighting positions, filling sandbags, posting guard, and even recieving letters form home, - to conducting recon, ambush, seek & destroy, rescue missions and defending the Ripcord.
US Scenarios include rotating duties through the fire support base and its surrounding AO.
Base Damp Duty Rotations include:
Providing Perimiter Secutiry,
Occupying Observation and Listening Posts outside the camp perimiter, Construction and Fortification of new and existing fighting positions,
Perform other specified duties per unit commanders. R & R periods will be assigned by unit commanders.
Combat Operation Warning Orders.
Units with Operation Warning Orders will be allowed time to Prepare for their mission:
Unit commanders will conduct breifings outlining the mission and objectives.
Preperation of individual combat equipment including cleaning and zeroing weapons.
Mission Objectives.
Rotating units will recieve single and multiple objective missions including:
Reconnisance and Combat Partols within Ripcords Area of Operations.
Locate and map enemey trails, bunkers, base camps, rocket sites, identify enemy units, group strength, and report their activities.
Engage and destroy enemy units, bunkers, base camps, rocket & mortar crew locations, supply caches, recover intelligence and / or prisoners.
Occupy Ripcords Perimiter Defensive Fighting Positions and Repell Enemy Main Force Attacks.
North Vietnamese Army Scenarios include rotating duties throughout the theatre of operations.
Theatre of Operations Duty Rotations include:
Prepare and occupy offensive fighting positions to support main force attack.
Prepare and operate crew served weapons positions to support main force attack.
Deploy Combat Patrols to locate and destroy enemy reconnisance and combat patrols.
Deploy Reconnisance and sapper patrols to map Ripcords perimiter security and key targets.
Occupy fighting and crew served weapons positions in support of  main force attack.
Mission Objectives.
Rotating units will supply, reinforce, and support main forces massing in staging area.
Operate Crew served weapons in support of main force attack.
Attack, Secure and Occupy, then Destroy Fire Base Ripcord.
RIPCORD trailer and field prep photo shoot.
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RIPCORD preview trailer Rated R for language and Violence.