Bay Area & Central Valley California Airsoft Mil-Sim  Battle Reenactment Group. Specializing in Vietnam era and Modern conflict impressions.

Based in Santa Cruz County,  Merced County, & Madera County California. Our Group strength is ten plus members , with multiple battle fields.

Battles are structured around well planned scenarios with single and multiple objective missions.

Our group prides its self in our good sportsmanship, accurate and authentic impressions, Knowlege of military history and the respect for all American service men and women.

We do not have a  List of Banned Players, Groups, or Battles / Games. We stress Honor  & Sportsmanship, Accurate and Authentic Impressions.  

Safety rules are strictly enforced
Approved Eye protection is manditory.
U.S. WWII - Present.
Cold War and Modern Russian. North Vietnamese & Vietcong.
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